The Centre10 Coaching Hub 

The Coaching Hub is a fantastic community of alumni who choose to continue their learning with us once they have graduated from the APEC Advanced programme. 


Many of the coaches who go through the APEC Advanced programme want to continue to develop their skills and keep learning about how sport psychology can help to enhance their effectiveness as a coach. 

Each month, we focus on one element of performance psychology - this could be motivation, confidence, identity or performance lifestyle - and we deliver podcasts, interviews, Q&A's and exercises to try around this topic. 

We maximise the skills and experience of our members within the Coaching Hub, who regularly contribute, share ideas and facilitate discussions. We've created a fantastic interactive and collaborative community of equestrian coaches, the only one of its kind!

The Coaching Hub is fully accredited and endorsed by the British Horse Society, so coaches can use the training days as part of their ongoing CPD training.

As part of the Coaching Hub, we run bi-annual 'Meet Up's', where we deliver new content, welcome guest speakers, have live demonstrations and a bit of a party! 

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