Our mission is to maximise the performance 
of equestrian coaches and riders 
through applied psychology training

Our Courses

Our courses help coaches & riders to apply the fundamentals of performance psychology in everyday training and competition

Win the Mind Game
for riders

Enhance your results in the saddle with this comprehensive course for riders

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Foundation Course
for coaches

A 12-week online programme developing coaches in the fundamentals of applied psychology

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Advanced Programme
for coaches

Our flagship 6-month programme is part-residential and part-online

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The Centre10 Approach

There is currently very little access to Performance Psychology training for athletes and coaches in the UK. Most options are either a one-day course or a three year academic degree with little in-between.
At Centre10 we have bridged this gap by condensing the field of performance psychology into key components that we believe make the biggest difference to sporting performance.

Our unique approach fuses cutting edge research with practical techniques.

You are also in good hands. At Centre10 our delivery team have a vast array of experience at the top level of Olympic and professional sport, as well as with elite military forces and global businesses. 

Meet our Team...  

Charlie Unwin

Centre10 Founder
Coach - Performance psychology

About Charlie

Steffi Dampney

Coach - Sport psychology

About Steffi

Helen Davis

Coach - Rider Psychology

About Helen

Jess Rudkin

Coach - Helping your business to thrive

About Jess

Take a look at our flagship
Advanced Programme for coaches...


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