What is Win the Mind Game?

Delivered by Olympic Psychology Coach, Charlie Unwin, and Performance Psychologist, Sarah Huntley, Win the Mind Game is a comprehensive mental training programme for riders.  Covering all aspects of mental training for practice and competition, Charlie and Sarah explore the principles and techniques essential to every rider who is serious about improving their results in the saddle.


You will receive webinars and audio lessons on the following topics...

- Effective Goal-Setting
 - Improving your Focus & Intuition 
- Mental Routines for Competition 
- Optimal States of Performance 
- Staying Effective Under Pressure 
- Training Your Nerves
- Reviewing your Performance 
​- Motivation & Sustaining High Performance

​...and many more


Our 'Win the Mind Game' course includes:

✅ A eight-week online programme with content on the core areas of applied sport psychology specifically for the equestrian athlete designed and delivered by Charlie and Sarah.

✅ A 60-page workbook posted to your home address to accompany the course

​✅ A private Facebook community where you can share your ideas, progress as well as benefit from the depth and breadth of skills and expertise from other riders who are going through the programme.

✅ Discounted one-to-one sessions with a Centre10 sport psychologist to help with specific issues or for those seeking more individual attention. ​

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